flood-detectionIn the same respect that your offices have burglar alarms, your home has a smoke alarm and your car has airbags, flood detection systems are designed to help protect the lives and interests of people residing on or near any potential flood hotspots. Technically, any area of land that encounters rainfall can become flooded, depending on the surfaces the rain falls on, the amount of water coming down, the availability of run-offs and the ground’s water retention. As such, effective flood detection systems are just as important as the other protective measures we unwittingly employ every day.

FDS Sydney’s flood detection systems combine internationally renowned, reliable and reputable flood sensor units with FDS’ very own hard-wearing, weather-proof and tamper-resistant casing, wireless signal transmitters and a long-lasting, high output battery. This, in turn, gives us the means to provide clients across all sectors, be they domestic, commercial or governmental, with the tools they need to maximise their chances of avoiding, or at least preparing for incoming floods.

By having FDS Sydney’s flood detection systems installed in and around areas most likely to come into contact with flood waters, such as basements, underground car parks and riverbanks, not to mention densely populated areas and those near designated flood plains, gives rise to a number of benefits, most significantly additional evacuation time.

For customers looking to incorporate flood detection systems across a larger area of land, such as farms, shorelines, forests, parks and community spaces, FDS Sydney can integrate signal boosters in specific locations that help amplify the signals transmitted by our wireless sensors. FDS Sydney goes on to link each sensor unit to the Flood Detection Systems 24-hour monitoring station, where our team work around the clock to ensure that any flood warnings are instantaneously sent to the home owners, businesses and government organisations in question. Additionally, customers can opt to have their flood detection systems relay flood information directly to their existing alarm and monitoring systems as well.

Having our effective, long-lasting and reliable flood detection systems installed in your home, offices, communal spaces, or even across an entire state, gives rise to immeasurable benefits that anyone in danger of incoming floods will appreciate.

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