Compared to any natural disaster in the world, floods cause more damage to communities, commerce and economic stability and, ultimately, result in higher death tolls due to drowning, injuries, waterborne illnesses, strandings and starvation.

There are a number of unrecognised consequences of floods that most people tend not to consider. However, after understanding these concerns, it becomes increasingly clear as to how important a reliable, long-lasting and cost-effective early warning system really is:


When floods pass through a given area, more often than not there are a number of residual pools left behind. These bodies of water become stationary and eventually stagnate, giving rise to the perfect breeding ground for waterborne illnesses and insects, such as mosquitos, that actively transfer the offending bacteria to people and animals in the area. Furthermore, floods generally carry with them a great deal of energy, thereby damaging nearby sewerage systems, petro-chemical plants and any other buildings and systems that may store toxic substances. As such, these harmful agents are then transferred into the moving waters and carried to local farms, villages, towns and city centres, causing illness and death wherever those toxins settle. By installing effective flood detection systems, people, businesses and government organisations can minimise the effects of these illnesses by granting those in the area crucial evacuation time.



Insurance companies have made it relatively easy to recover any materialist losses suffered at the hands of floods, that is, as long as those effected have taken out appropriate cover. However, whilst an insurance company may be able to help you to replace your television, car or even your home, they will most likely be incapable of replacing the items that matter most – souvenirs that you collected on your travels, cherished artworks and photo albums, scrapbooks, pets and those romantic gifts you hold so dear. Installing a dependable early flood detection system ensured losses are kept to a minimum.



When flash floods roll in, there is often little time to think rationally about what to do and how to react. The confusion and desperation that comes over people often has devastating consequences for their pets – cats, dogs, caged birds and other animals are often left to their own devices and, in the instant when the surge of water reaches your home, your pets are unfortunately one of the last things to consider when trying to evacuate. As such, pets are often left stranded or, in dire circumstances, they die as the fast-moving waters flow through and around the buildings they reside in. By having an effective, durable and long-lasting early warning system in place, you can give yourself, your family and your pets the crucial time you need to ensure everyone’s safety as you evacuate.



Natural floods, those that occur through dramatic changes in weather and weakened river banks, play a very important role for the environment. The fast-flowing waters pick up and transfer sediment, nutrient rich soils and seeds to areas that may otherwise have never had access to a means of effective growth. However, as beneficial as they may be, floods are equally as devastating; established forests, existing rivers and local fauna and flora are disrupted and destroyed where the rising waters flow too quickly. Added to this, in areas where the flood waters have ravaged neighbouring towns, villages and cities, toxic chemicals and other pollutants such as raw sewerage are also transported with them, being unloaded where the water loses momentum. The outcome is clear – those toxic substances then find their way into both marine and terrestrial habitats and the underground water table, thereby killing off thousands of otherwise unaffected creatures and causing major complications for future rehabilitation. Having an FDS solution installed on or near potentially fragile ecosystems can allow for ample time to set up the appropriate protective measures.


Flood waters are far more dangerous than people initially appreciate. Not only do people drown, become ill and/or stranded, but the waters are often laced with loose debris, such as glass, wood, concrete, rocks and pieces of metal, along with toxic chemicals that cause major illnesses and in some instances, even electrocution becomes an issue. Furthermore, a statistic released by the Environmental Protection Agency states that attempting to drive through flood water is the leading cause of flood-related injury and death in people. Added to this, after floods have passed through a given area, the affected population can become stranded and isolated from fresh water and food for days, weeks or even months. As such, it’s easy to appreciate just how dangerous floods can really be. By installing durable, effective and long-lasting flood detection solutions in your homes, offices or community areas gives rise to essential, additional evacuation time and a means to prepare for the incoming floods, should anyone have trouble leaving in time.

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